Medical Insurance - BCBSRI - HDHP - HSA

The Town offers a High Deductible Health Plan - Health Savings Account (HDHP-HSA) through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island.  Below is the general information about the plan.

Employees may access their member handbook by following these instructions: BCBSRI Member Handbook.

Employees may access a membership brochure outlining the basic benefits of our plan.  Employee Membership Brochure.

Health Plan Insurance Rates
Individuals pay different premium amounts based on whether they are enrolled as single members or family members.  They also pay different amounts if they participate in the Town of Westerly's Wellness Program.

Summary of Benefits & Coverage
Below you will find documents that outline the benefits and coverage provided by the HDHP - HSA plan.

Health Savings Account
The Health Savings Account (HSA) works in conjunction with the High Deductible Health Plan.  The HSA is a bank account opened up for employees by the Town, and allows both Town and employee contributions up to the IRS maximums.  Unlike, the FSA, the HSA is not a "use or or lose it" plan.  Any monies put into the HSA by either the Town or the employee is the employee's money as long as the account exists.  The Town is not able to touch the money, even if the employee separates employment.  Upon separation of employment, the money goes with the employee, who can spend the money on qualified expenses.

Prescription Coverage
Prescription coverage is provided by BCBSRI and after employees have met their repsective medical deductible of either $1,500 or $3,000 their prescription drugs move to a 4-tier plan.  The co-payments per 30-day supply are outlined below: