Professional Development Award

Having highly trained and knowledgeable staff is vital to any progressive organization.  The Town recognizes and awards employees who constantly strive to achieve professional excellence by obtaining professional certifications/licenses or designations.


The eligibility requirements for the professional development award are listed below:

  • Employees must have obtained their certification after the launch of the Professional Development Award. 
  • The professional certification/designation must not be a minimum requirement for the position.  For Example: The Town Engineer’s position requires a Professional Engineer (PE) license.
  • The professional certification/license/or designation must have a Continuing Education component (typically in the form of CEU’s or PDU’s) to maintain their certification/license or designation.
  • The professional certification/license/ or designation must be granted by a national/regional association, professional organization or body.
  • The Town must not have paid for employee to have taken any exam that is required to obtain a professional certification/designation or license.
    • This does not preclude the Town paying for preparation or study materials.  Often such materials teach best practices in a current profession and can be used as resources materials for all staff.
  • Employees are only eligible to receive a Professional Development Award up to three times every fiscal year.


  • Professional Development Award Certificate of Recognition
  • One day of vacation.


Employees will need to complete the Rewards and Recognition Application and submit it to the Human Resources Department for review.  HR will review the submitted paperwork for accuracy and completion and ensure that all the eligibility criteria is met.  If all eligibility requirements are met, HR will send the form to the Town Manager for final approval.