COVID 19: Changes to Senior Applications

Due to the pandemic, there has been a change in the processing of senior applications.

  • For the safety of all applicants and staff, there will be no appointments in Town Hall.
  • Jennifer Misto will be processing all senior applications, and can be contacted by email at or by phone at (401) 348-2543.  Please contact Jennifer directly for assistance in completing the application and an appointment by phone will be arranged.
  • The requirement for notarized applications has been suspended through Executive Order by the Town Manager for this year only.
  • Every application must have supporting documents for proof of income reported on the back of the application.  Copies of originals can be mailed directly to the Assessor's office or dropped in the gray drop-box outside of Town Hall.  All originals will be returned by mail.  Please be sure to label all correspondence to the Assessor, attention Jennifer Misto.
  • If an applicant is unable to make arrangements for the application and supporting documents to be delivered to Town Hall, arrangements can be made through Jennifer for staff pick-up and return.  Please be aware that the Assessor's office is operating with a reduced staff.
  • Inquiries regarding the percentage of tax savings will be accepted after June 1st.
  • Please understand that the senior exemption benefit is of utmost importance to staff, and phone inquiries are welcome.

Thank you and stay safe.

Assessment Staff