What are the next steps?

● Year 1 (Ending September 2021): Field Investigations & Alternatives Assessment Being Completed ○ Document dam, gates, millrace channels ○ Field investigation of river levels, soils, groundwater, and wetlands

● Year 2 (July 2021- September 2022): Supplemental Investigations, Design, Permitting, and Start of Construction ○ Shallow groundwater well assessments ○ Third-party dam condition assessment ○ Historical/cultural resources assessment (document pre- and post-colonial conditions)

● Year 3 (July 2022- Winter 2022): Complete Construction and Begin Post-Construction Wetland and Biological Monitoring

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1. Why is the dam being removed?
2. Could the dam be repaired or partially removed?
3. Could a design similar to that of the Bradford fish passage project be used for the Potter Hill project?
4. What alternative designs have been considered and why was the proposed design selected?
5. What safety hazards are associated with the mill and dam structures?
6. How will removing the dam affect water levels in the river?
7. Will my household well be affected?
8. Many properties along the Pawcatuck River have private drinking water wells, especially on the Hopkinton side of the river. How many homeowners’ wells could be affected by the predicted drop
9. Will Westerly’s municipal water wells adjacent to the Pawcatuck River be affected?
10. How will removing the dam reduce flood risk to upstream and downstream properties? Will larger flood events (i.e., the 500-year recurrence flood) be worse upstream or downstream following dam removal?
11. Will removal of the dam cause increased flooding to downstream areas, including downtown Westerly?
12. How will removing the defunct dam and mill affect public access to and uses of the river?
13. How will removing the dam affect fish and wildlife?
14. How will removing the dam affect wetland systems upstream of the dam?
15. Is the proposed design accounting for climate change projections and worst-case future hydrologic scenarios?
16. Who is the project team?
17. What are the next steps?
18. Where can I get more information on the project?