Billing Information

Most properties are billed every six months.

The exceptions are some commercial properties with a high water volume (billed quarterly), and certain properties that remove their meters every winter (billed annually).

Different areas of town are billed at different times of the year.

  • Once the bill is issued, you have 35 days from the issue date to pay this bill before interest starts accruing. Once the bill is past the due date, interest will start accruing on a daily basis, going back to the date of issue, not the due date. This interest will keep accruing on any portion that remains unpaid.
  • To pay your bill you may send in a check or money order with your account number or bill number written on it to the address on the bill, or you may respond in person to the Tax Collectors office at 45 Broad Street to pay in person.
  • If you wish, you may also pay your bill by credit card via phone 1 800-272-9829
    (Our jurisdiction code is 4910) or online.
  • Please note: there will be a charge for these last two options.

Water Charges

There is a minimum water charge of $63 charged per livable unit. For this amount you receive 2400 cubic feet, or 18,000 gallons of water. This averages out to about .02 cents per every 5 gallons of water used.

For usage over this minimum amount a single family residential unit will be charged an additional $4.36 per 100 cubic feet, or 750 gallons.

A multi family or commercial property is charged an overage of $5.06 per 100 cubic feet.

Sewer Charges

Every property with access to the Town of Westerly public sewer system is charged $356.00 per unit per year, whether that property is connected or not. This is a flat rate, not based on water consumption.

Billing Questions

If you have a question about your bill:

  • First take a reading off your water meter
  • Have your account number on hand
  • Call the Westerly Utility Department at 401-348-2559

Utility Bill Financial Assistance

For information regarding possible financial assistance with your water bill please refer to the below documentation: