Welcome to the Town of Westerly!  This new employee on-boarding page contains important forms that must be completed prior to your first day of employment at the Town of Westerly.


Several of the forms can be filled out on-line, or they may be printed and completed manually.  Forms on this site are in PDF format.  Be aware that data entered on the electronic forms will not be saved and your input will be deleted when you exit the form.  Please review each form for accuracy and print before continuing to the next form.  As you work through the forms, use the checklist of documents provided as your guide.  We also recommend that you keep copies of these documents for your records.

Please follow the instructions for each form on the page to carefully ensure successful completion.  Once you are satisfied that all forms are completed correctly, sign and date the forms (if instructed to do so) and bring them on your first day of employment.  Should you have any specific questions, they will be answered during your orientation session. 

If you need immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to e-mail HR@westerlyri.gov. 

Again, welcome to the Town of Westerly.

  1. All Employees
  2. Non-Union