Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond

The Above and Beyond program is a rewards and recognition program for the Town of Westerly.  Any employee may nominate any other Town employee or work team.  Employees who demonstrate exceptional dedication in upholding the Town's values and exhibiting behavior and demonstrating they are going above and beyond.


Qualities that might identify an employee for nomination include such factors as:

  • Promoting the image of the department or Town through continual extension of service, courtesy to residents, employees and the public.
  • Exhibiting leadership and maintaining grace under pressure/deadlines/crisis situations.
  • Initiating/recommending innovative ideas which are implemented and result in better service or efficiency.

All nominations will be copied to the employee's Department Head.

Every month, employees will be recognized and will receive a commemorative certificate and cash award.  In addition, awardees will be officially honored by Town Council at a regularly scheduled council meeting.

Please use the below link to nominate an employee you feel is eligible to receive an Above and Beyond Award.

Online - Above and Beyond Award (Preferred Method)

Above and Beyond Award - Paper Nomination

Above and Beyond - Winners

January 2018

John Moretta - Executive Assistant

"John helped promote the image of excellence of the Town through his achievement in getting the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award.  This is the first time Westerly has received this award and is a major achievement in the world of municipal budgeting, as determined by the national association for finance directors."

February 2018

Mark Bednarski - Purchasing Agent/Risk Manager

"Mark was an invaluable partner in ensuring the dredging project occurred during an extremely tight time-frame.  By providing bid documents immediately upon request, working with my department, the designer engineer and the contractor during the rapid permitting sequence he insured all bid documents were initiated, received and appropriately processed.  He communicated potential problems, removed obstacles and kept everything on an expedited schedule.  This was an extremely time consuming process with looming deadlines and yet he ensured all went through with much ease and accuracy.  His participation was key in ensuring the process kept on track.  Not only did he complete the tasks, he did them before deadlines which enabled flexibility for any changes that might occur.  His professionalism, understanding and support of the project are very much appreciated and he made things much easier during an extremely stressful period."

March 2018

Joe Cimalore - Custodian

"Joe always has a smile on his face and friendly words to everyone. The Town Hall is always clean. You can tell when Joe is working because the Town Hall always smells and looks nice. He stays late after Council meetings to make sure everything is done before he leaves. No matter how he is feeling, Joe puts 110% into his work."

April 2018

Ben Delany - Planning Associate

"Ben has proven himself to be a major asset to the organization. He is always helpful and does more then what is expected. In the past few months he has assisted my department with several research projects, using his knowledge and skills he saved countless hours of time ensuring that the projects were completed on time and under budget. In addition to providing research assistance he has been working to preserve several records and make that information available.  He has a true passion for his work and his community."

May 2018

Cheryl Hoelck - Senior Administrative Assistant

"Cheryl was instrumental in this year's budget process for the Department of Public Works and for new department staff.  Cheryl is known to be a reliable source of information to assist new staff in managing their department budgets in MUNIS.  She is often called by staff outside of public works for general questions and how to questions in MUNIS.  Cheryl is a great example of team work working within her own department as well as the Town as a whole."

"Cheryl is always upbeat and willing to help. In fact, she goes the extra mile and is very detail oriented to help me with various reports and projects. Her positive attitude helps me throughout the day." 

June 2018

Erin Guido - Finance Assistant

"My department is working to organize and standardize how paper documents are managed. As we have been reviewing operations we found that Erin has already streamlined Finance and has designed a management database.  Her database was creative and insightful and will be used as the standard in the organization. Additionally Erin has spent several hours identifying and categorizing the considerable backlog of paper storage.  She has proven to be resourceful, proactive and creative;  these are qualities that should be complimented and rewarded."

July 2018

Patty Main - Senior Payroll and HRIS Specialist

"Patty has gone above and beyond by showing that she is available to work even when she is not on Town time. When MUNIS was auditing our HR and Payroll system, she decided to come into work to do the audit when she already had an approved vacation day to relax. It was not an obligation for her to come in, she just wanted to make sure the audit was done correctly and MUNIS had a full understanding of how the Town works our payroll system and wanted to learn in what ways she can approve. 

The current state of the department, Patty has stepped up to be the reviewer of both the Town and School side of payroll. While this is typically the Director of Human Resources task, with the work load we are currently facing, she thoroughly reviews and fixes all issues with payroll input and having staff correct time sheets if they do not explain properly the time we are paying. This is all being conducted with her already intensive work load of taxes, uploading changes and processing of payroll for 1300 staff members."

August 2018

Lawrence "Mike" Harris - IT Technician II

"I think Mike Harris should get the award this month. While Marc was away, he was the acting supervisor for two weeks and also while short an employee so in a sense he was an IT Department of 1. While he was the acting supervisor, he showed extreme grace under pressure, never complained, and was still available for any questions our department had for him. He is always easily approachable and is very courteous to anyone he comes in contact with. He definitely deserve this award!"

September 2018

Carl Critz and Brian Skorupski - Lifeguard Supervisors

"Carl and Brian have had an outstanding summer, which started in March. They went above and beyond by starting to prep for the up coming summer much further in advance than any other seasonal program. 

Carl has gone above and beyond by also creating a "Westerly Surf and Rescue"  40 hour academy for all new staff to learn about the technique that works best on out strip of beach. Before HR really stepped in to monitor the protocol of the Beach, Carl created a "Westerly Surf and Rescue Handbook," before the Town of Westerly had their handbook implemented. Carl has also made a standard of excellence that the USLA organization has recognized our beach, which we are the only beach in the state of RI that has a recognition and membership with USLA. This membership is an annually renewal of maintaining in depth numbers and notes of all saves and possible saves in the season. In addition, Carl has already created a plan for EMTs to have a permanent presence on the beach for summer 2019.  

Brian has created a "Junior Lifeguard Program" to the Town's beach, where we can involve local youth and create a future work force for our beach, as we have seen in the past there is a drought in lifeguard personnel. At the end of this summer, with two lifeguard supervisors removing them selves from the schedule, and the third having a child, the entire Beach functions fell on Brian overseeing all the functions of the beach (which typically takes 3 FTE) all on his own.  

Overall, these guys have an amazing work ethic that see so much potential in the beach, and do as much as they can to increase the functionality of the beach. "