Traffic Complaints

Westerly Police Department - Neighborhood Traffic Calming - What is it? Traffic Calming is the  practice of managing speeds and or volume of traffic in residential  streets by using one or more of the following approaches.

Education - the process of making drivers aware of their  speeds in relation to the neighborhoods they are in. Education alerts  people to the ways they can help ease traffic problems. Such  educational tools include surveys, community police meetings,  canvassing of neighborhoods, deployment of speed signs as well as  written and verbal warnings.

Enforcement - enlists the help of the police department to  focus enforcement at the problem street(s) and increase community  awareness of speeding problems.

Engineering - tools include a variety of traffic calming  devices that can reduce speed, decrease volumes, and or improve safety.  These physical modifications are custom designed to meet each  neighborhood's individual needs.

The Town of Westerly currently services 755 roadways  local, state and private. Like many other communities in South County,  Westerly is experiencing a growth in population as well as an  increase in vehicular traffic due to industry and general passage. Most  residents would agree that motor vehicle speed, volume, accidents and  the safety of pedestrians are top quality of life issues in Westerly. By implementing the Traffic Calming program the Westerly Police Department intends to reduce vehicular speeds and  promote safe and pleasant conditions for residents, motorists,  bicyclists, and pedestrians alike. 

Traffic Calming in my neighborhood, how do I apply?

It all starts with the police department. If you believe motorists  routinely drive too fast in your neighborhood, call the police  department at 401-596-2022.

Requests must include the following information: Name, Address, Phone Number and a description of the traffic problem.

Your request will alert police officers to speeding problems and  will bring extra patrols to the spot. A police officer will visit the  spot at least three times for streets with significant problems.

If the problem continues, you may request a traffic study.

To initiate a Traffic Study of the street a formal request may be required in the form of a neighborhood petition by the residents of the  street.

At least 1/3 of the residents must sign the petition.

The Westerly Police Department will send a traffic officer to  the problem location to evaluate the potential traffic problems.