Application Forms

The Planning Board has begun updating all application forms and submission requirement checklists.  Several new application forms and checklists have been adopted by the Planning Board and Architectural Review Board and others are anticipated to be adopted by the Planning Board within the next few weeks.  The forms and checklists are effective upon adoption (the date indicated on the associated link).

For ALL applications to the Planning Office, Planning Board, and Architectural Review Board, including Development Plan Review (DPR), Land Development Projects, Subdivisions, Architectural Reviews, and other petitions which may be required, submit a Planning Application Form which includes 1) Project Review Form, 2) Project Team Form, and 3) Owner Authorization Form.

ALL application submissions shall follow the instructions and checklist associated with the particular type of project under review. 


Land Developments:

If you are uncertain about which type of application you are submitting, or have questions regarding checklist requirements, please contact the Planning Office prior to submitting an application.

Deadlines for submission to our Boards can be viewed on the Planning Application Deadlines document linked below.

If you are seeking a Zoning Ordinance text amendment or Zoning Map amendment, the following application forms are to be submitted to the Town Clerk's Office and to the Planning Office email address, as indicated in the form.