Mooring Registration

All moorings located in the Town of Westerly must be registered annually. The registration/renewal period is January 1, 2022 - March 1, 2022. A late fee of $50 will be assessed on March 1, 2022. All unregistered moorings as of June 1, 2022 will be considered abandoned and at risk for removal. 

Please direct questions or concerns to Kimberlie Rayner-Russell - Assistant Harbormaster

  1. Kimberlie Rayner-Russell

    Assistant Harbormaster

  2. Paul Gingerella

    Police Chief/Harbormaster

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Mooring Application

If you have a mooring please register by going to    

Once the renewal has been approved an annual mooring fee of $250 will be required before the mooring permit is issued.  

All moorings MUST be registered with the Town of Westerly Harbormaster.

Failure to renew a mooring permit by May 1, 2020 may result in the mooring site becoming available to a waiting list applicant.

Mooring Waiting List

Individuals seeking a mooring within the following seven mooring field locations must apply to the mooring waiting list by registering online at

The waiting list application has an annual fee of $25.  

Proof of Residency
A Resident is defined as an individual residing in Westerly a minimum of 183 days per year and verified by either voter identification or a RI driver’s license with a Westerly address.

Boat Registration
A scanned copy of the Boat registration is required to be submitted with the mooring application. The option to attach is the last step of the application.

Mooring Field Locations:

•    Colonel Willie Cove
•    Groves Shelter Harbor
•    Haversham East
•    Haversham West
•    Point Dock Shelter Harbor
•    Watch Hill Cove
•    Weekapaug Cove