Zoom Meetings

The Town of Westerly has deployed an online and telephone meeting system to provide public access to public meetings.  The system deployed allows for a user to view and interact with a meeting using the software application or to call in and listen and interact.

Accessing Zoom

Computer: Click on one of the meeting links below and it should download into the computer browser.  Once downloaded run the application and it should open the meeting.

Smart Phone or Tablet: Click on one of the meeting links below.  If you do not have the app installed there should be a link to the app on the meeting link page.  Once the app is installed click on the meeting link again and it should open the meeting.

Telephone and Call In: Call one of the Phone numbers provided and enter the meeting number when prompted.  Follow any additional directions given by phone auto attendant.

Interacting with a meeting

During a meeting if public input is requested a user will need to raise their hand to be taken off of mute.  If using the app there will be a button to "Raise Hand".  If calling in press *9 on the keypad to "Raise Hand".

When a hand is raised the meeting Zoom moderator will notify the meeting leader when it is time for public input.