What is the Soldier’s & Sailor’s Civil Relief Act?
This is a Federal Law that exempts active duty service men, women, and their spouses from paying local motor vehicle tax. The exemption is not open to their dependents, and only exempts them for the actual time they are stationed here. Once you transfer to your next permanent duty station, you are required to register your vehicle or trailer in your new state of residence and return your RI plates This is a Federal Law that exempts active duty service men and within 30 days. You will be responsible for any taxes that accrue after the
30 days. You can visit the DMV website (www.dmv.ri.gov) for specifics on how
to cancel your registration and return your license plates. For filing requirements, please see the SSCRA information, located in the Exemption section.

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1. What is the Soldier’s & Sailor’s Civil Relief Act?
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