Area 5

This area contains a high traffic level of large equipment. For your safety, please yield to all heavy equipment when proceeding to drop-off area.


Here you can drop off:

  • Demolition
  • Brush
  • Commercial Recycling
  • Compost
  • Rubble
  • Stove Ashes
  • Sod and Loam

Clean Christmas Trees with No Ornaments are accepted FREE during the month of January. We do not accept Wreaths due to metal content.

For yard cleanups we have two drop off locations; Brush and Compost. It is important to keep these two items separate to ease in pricing at the scale as well as unloading at the appropriate drop-off locations. Brush is considered any yard waste over 1/4" in diameter such as hedge clippings and tree branches. We do not accept stumps at our facility. Brush can be dropped off as long as it is free of contaminants such as dirt and litter.  Please drive to Area 1 prior to unloading as we charge for brush.
Compost is considered any organic yard waste less than 1/4" in diameter such as grass, leaves, and garden plant matter. If you bring your compost in paper bags they may be left in the pile, however plastic bags must be emptied and thrown away. For your convenience we have provided trash cans to the left of the pile for your empty plastic bags. Compost Bins are available for $50, see the scale house attendant.
Demolition consists of wood scraps, sheet rock, plaster, wood or asphalt shingles. Please drive to Area 1 prior to unloading as we charge for this item. All dimensional lumber and large timbers must be cut to 4 foot lengths. We have a pile next to demolition for asphalt shingles only. If you are bringing in a load of asphalt shingles, we ask that you keep the asphalt shingles separate from the demolition, as we have a vendor that recycles them. Any concrete or brick is not accepted at this drop-off location, so please keep that separate for ease of pricing at the scale house as well as unloading at the appropriate drop-off location.
Rubble consists of concrete, gravel, rock, and brick. Please drive to Area 1 prior to drop-off as we charge for this commodity. Please note that this is a clean fill pile and we do not accept contaminants such as trash, wood, or organic material mixed in. If you are dropping off pipes or wood with a cement base, it will not be accepted in the rubble and will be classified as demolition.
Stove ashes can be dropped off in the steel dumpster that is located between the rubble pile and the sod and loam pile at no charge. Sod and loam can be dropped off at the sod and loam pile providing that there are no contaminants such as tree roots, rocks, gravel, or litter.