Zoom Presentation Guidelines


To present at public meetings held at the Town Hall, Zoom screen sharing is used.  This method allows for easy sharing of images and presentations.

Presenters are able to use their own computer or a laptop can be provided.

If Zoom is not an option, a HDMI connection can be used.


PowerPoint is preferred but images or a PDF will work as well.   

When creating the presentation, keep in mind that if it is being broadcast to public access, the presentation will need to limit the space on the slide to avoid having the image cut off. Images need to have 4:3 ratio to be completely visible as a 16:9 aspect ration will not be completely visible. (Example Below).  The meetings broadcast to public access are Town Council, School Committee, School Building Subcommittee, Planning and Zoning

Click here for additional information on the aspect ratio

Presentation Outline

Setup and Communication

Presenters run their own presentations with any images displayed or changing of slides handled by the presenter. The staff member managing the cameras does not run the presentation.

If equipment is needed for the presentation, the presenter will need to coordinate with the Town IT department.  IT can setup a laptop and connect but they will need a copy of the presentation at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. This requirement is to ensure that everything is prepared and tested prior to the meeting. While a staff member is available during meetings, this is to manage the broadcast and technical issues that arise related to the broadcast.

If submitting a presentation for use with Town Equipment, make sure an acknowledgement is received. Sometimes E-mails are rejected for a variety of reasons. Do not assume that the presentation was received.

Presentations that are submitted to the meeting clerk for inclusion with the meeting documents do not get submitted to IT.

It is the presenter’s responsibility to coordinate with IT for a presentation if technology is needed. 

Contact Information

Contact the Director of Information Technology or the IT Technician I regarding meeting presentations.

  1. Marc Tate

    Director of Information Technology

  2. Winship Fuller

    IT Technician I

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